Non-Sailing Visits

Please ensure you have read the revised SASC Operating Procedures in place below for visiting the club to bring, maintain or remove your boat as a result of Government Covid-19 Restrictions  (amended 19th June 2020)

It’s over a month since Level 4 COVID-19 restrictions were partially eased, and we started the journey back to recommencing sailing activities.

Things have changed in the meantime, and we have been reviewing our guidelines to members in respect of access to the compound.

After a couple of successful days of casual sailing sessions, and with the Government Covid Risk Alert Level having officially changed to Level 3, we want to make it easier for members to attend the club and access the club compound to check on and work on their boats, but not to socialise in groups.

Whilst sailing sessions will still only be by specified timeslots, booked online at the website, we are easing the arrangements for those wishing to visit the club and not sail.

There are 3 main things we have had to be careful with and create risk assessments and protocols for :-

  1. Virus transmission risk from contact with infected hard surfaces. (which can remain active for up to 36 hours)
  2. Airborne droplet transmission risk person to person, and onto surfaces due to proximity of 2 metres or less.
  3. Not exceeding the current maximum of 6 persons “gathering” together in groups at a 2 metre social distance or greater.

Access for members to the unisex toilet will still only be available at the official sailing times of 11am to 5pm on Sundays and 6.30pm to 8.30pmon Wednesdays. No changing facilities will be available at any time.

When accessing the club compound outside of these times, you are required to bring your own hand sanitiser, anti-viral wipes / paper towels, and rubbish disposal bags.

To avoid contamination you should on every occasion spray/wipe down surfaces such as padlocks and bolts on the ADC barrier and club compound access gates after use, and then immediately sanitise your own hands using a hand sanitising gel and paper towels or wipes, double bag them and dispose of them in your home rubbish bin.

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