Sailing Restrictions during COVID-19

Please await an email confirmation from the Club before heading down to the club to sail. A maximum of 8 boats will be allowed to sail at any one time.

The following conditions now apply to sailing during this phase of Covid-19 restrictions

The COVID-19 preventative measures are vital to protecting health and wellbeing and to minimising pressure on the Officer of the Day.

We all have a role to play in adhering to the Government guidelines and therefore we ask you to observe the following:

  • Please do not attend SASC if you are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Please show consideration for others by respecting the social distancing requirement of 2m.
  • Restrictions will be in place to ensure overcrowding does not take place around the site. No visitors are allowed, only members. All vehicles should be parked in the main parking area in front of the clubhouse to provide plenty of space for maintaining social distancing.
  • Entry to the site will be restricted to members and their family included in their family membership. We request that no more than 4 persons attend at one time from the same household. Numbers of persons attending the site may have to be limited during times of peak demand.
  • Entry to the site will only be during the scheduled sailing times, and opening/locking of the ADC Vehicle Barrier and the Security Gates to the Club Compound shall only be by the nominated SASC Officer of the Day for the day’s sailing session.
  • Members may be required to relocate their boats or other equipment, to ensure social distancing can be maintained.
  • Apart from the main toilets in the Changing Rooms, For which access will be on a one person at a time basis, there will be no access to the rest of Changing Room, Safety Boat Garage, Store/Workshop or Clubhouse. These locations including and especially the showers/changing rooms will remain closed to everybody except the OOD.
  • There will be a hand sanitisation station set up near the lobby to the Changing Rooms. You are required to clean and disinfect the toilet bowl and cistern handle after use, and wash your hands thoroughly and dry them with the paper towels provided.
  • During the sailing sessions, the access gates to the compound will be left in the closed position wherever possible and only opened by the OOD as members arrive, leave, or launch & recover their boats.
  • All boats shall carry a minimum 5 metre long painter attached to either the bow or mast of their boat for recovery purposes
  • No club boats will be available for use at this time
  • Please do not spend any longer on site than is necessary.
  • Please give careful consideration to prevailing conditions and condition of your equipment, when taking the decision to go afloat.
  • There will not be any catering provisions available on site until further notice.
  • Persons not respecting social distancing guidelines or reasonable requests from members of staff will be asked to leave the SASC site.

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